Texas Food Program Sponsor Information

Coastal Child Nutrition provides all the Child Care Resources you will need to get started with the CACFP sponsor program. Below is a list of each form you need as well as a breakdown of what each form is for. Simply click on the form(s) you need to view and print them out! Contact us with any questions you may have.



-  Daily Meal Production Record. This is where you can record your menu and planned participation numbers for each meal service!


H1530-A (infants)

-  This form is the same as above, but for infants 12 months or younger.


H1530-B (at-risk)

-  This form is for Daily Meal Production Recording for the CACFP after-school program.



-  Daily Meal Count & Attendance Record. This form is for recording of names, ages, and meal services attended by children in your care. This should be done for each meal service.


H1535-AT (at-risk)

-  This form is the same as above BUT is for the CACFP after-school program.


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