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CACFP Sponsor Texas

Effectively Manage Your CACFP Sponsor Food Program

We have made operating the program easy with simple online tools that make daily data entry a snap. The information you enter is always complete, always secure, and accessible 24/7.  No more slow, tedious, handwritten forms. No more confusion about what to enter on forms. Our program guides you through everything! You can log on to the service using any computer or mobile device with an internet connection. It’s easy to manage when you have help

CACFP Sponsor Texas

Check Out Our Software Features:

Our program helps you get online quickly. You’ll be tracking your CACFP records on the web in no time! It’s easy to learn and simple to use. With just a few clicks, you can do any of the following and more!

  • Create, review or edit daily menus.
  • Record daily meals and attendance counts.
  • Create basic child enrollment records.
  • Parents can complete enrollment and income eligibility forms online.
  • Access a dynamic dashboard packed with important claim information.
  • Print completed CACFP records.

CACFP Sponsor Texas

Save time and get paid faster

Hello there! Would you like to dig out from under that pile of paper on your desk – and get done faster? Our online program helps you finish your CACFP tasks in a snap. No more paper stacks, or lost forms that have to be tracked down. You’re done faster, we can claim for reimbursement faster, and you get paid faster. Saved time = saved money!


cacfp texasGetting started has never been easier

We’ll help you make the move, whether you’re brand new to the program, or changing  CACFP sponsors. Signing up is quick and easy. Our staff will help you take care of the details.

  • We’ll import your existing enrollment records or enter your completed paper enrollment forms into the system. You’ll be all set and ready to start claiming faster.
  • We’ll help you create cycle menus with allowable food components you already use. Worried you won’t know how food to serve? The system accurately calculates minimum quantities for children in every age group — so you can plan with confidence!

Texas Food Program Sponsor

Don’t Lose Meals Or Money

Don’t let costly mistakes break the bank

It hurts to lose meals just because you missed one or two entries on a record, or to have enrollment forms returned incomplete. We won’t let that happen to you, because our system won’t allow you to save an incomplete form. It’s always good to have a second pair of eyes! Say goodbye to errors. You won’t lose meals – or money!

Texas Food Program Sponsor

A Simpler CACFP Software

Already using CACFP software that promises to make life easier?

We know that you have other software options. That’s why our online program is different – and better. Unlike other programs, MyFoodCloud is really user-friendly. You don’t have to be a techie to use our software program. It’s easy!

Texas Food Program Sponsor

Get a handle on TDA compliance

Our online system is almost like having a coach. It sends you reminders and alerts to keep you on top of your program recordkeeping. Your records are always up to date and available for review. Result: when you get a program review visit, you can relax — your daily records are at your fingertips!.


We treat you right

We treat our clients better. We care, we have experience, we have an impeccable record. And now, we have the best and most cutting-edge software, as well. Life is better with us. Try our program and see!

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