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Opening A Daycare? Have You Considered A Texas Food Program Sponsor?

Texas Food Program Sponsor

If you are thinking about opening a daycare center in Texas, you might be wondering just where to start. What’s first? Do you need a CACFP sponsor? Opening a new business is always going to be a tough task which requires organization and know-how. With a little help and pre-planning, though, you can be on your way to changing kids’ lives for the better every day!

There are a few things you need to know before you start. Opening a daycare in Texas requires you to get licensed, and you will need to get a few things taken care of before you start that process. You will want to learn the current standards first. You can find Texas’ Child Care Minimum Standards for Day Care Operations right here. If you have questions about what you’re reading as you go through, you can look at the Frequently Asked Questions document, found here.

After reviewing and learning the requirements, you will have to go through the license application process through the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services, which is the only department that handles such licenses. You will be asked to complete the Child Day Care Licensing Application, 2901 and also the License Fee Schedule. You will also need to make a one-time, non-refundable payment of $35. Once you get your application, schedule, and payment put together, you can mail all documents on to the address noted on your form.

Once your initial application is sent in, you will have to get in touch with the Child Care Licensing Office for your local area. You can find the right office for you here. You will be required to take a pre-application class, and your local licensing office will be able to give you information about class availability. Please note that you will NOT be able to sign up for the class until after your application and payment have been received. The pre-application class is designed to provide you with the information and forms you need to continue your application and to give you the contact information you need for your local Child Care Licensing Office staff.

If you would like to prepare even more for the licensing and application process, feel free to visit the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services (found here). You will be able to look over more information about training, background checks, and much more!

Helpful Hints For Providing Quality Day Care

If you want to make sure that your care center is seen as a valuable and trusted child-care provider in your area, you might want to follow these simple guidelines!

  1. Encourage Parental Involvement. Getting the parents involved and interested is going to have a huge impact on the success and happiness of the children you’re caring for and their families. Be sure to give parents information in writing about your center’s mission, strategies, and philosophies. Personal interaction with the parents is also vital, as is keeping track of the child’s daily activities to show to the parents. All of this will help to keep your parents and families involved.
  2. Implement Professional DevelopmentIdeas and knowledge about early childhood development and education is always moving forward. To make sure your center isn’t stuck in the past, it’s important that you and your staff take part in regular professional development through a variety of training. Your center will benefit from your staff staying current on safety, health, and even relevant academic issues and ideas.
  3. Go The Extra Mile With ServicesA little consideration can go a long way in keeping a loyal family around and building trust in the community. Helping families with their forms when they’re moving, or providing helpful information about local educational resources for families that have just moved in can show how invested you are in that family and their children. Also, keep informational information in a place that’s easy to access should parents ever need to find information about upcoming events or policies again.
  4. Involve – and Get Involved With – The CommunityTo build trust in a community, you have to be present in it. Show your support for community activities by involving your center. Volunteer with your staff and friends or host events if applicable. This will help spread the word about your center and make sure that you are seen as a reliable part of the community.
  5. Apply For Child Food ProgramsProper nutrition is a vital part of a child’s early development, but these needs can sometimes be overlooked at home. Getting involved in a program like the Child and Adult Care Food Program will help your center to be able to ensure that the children you serve are being given the proper nutrition. Show the parents your dedication by showing your care for all parts of a child’s early development—including not just their mental needs but their physical ones as well!


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