Pre-Approval Training

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Texas Food Program Sponsor

A pre-approval visit is a requirement of the Texas Department of Agriculture and it serves two purposes: (1) The sponsor is required to personally visit the center to verify the facility has the required components necessary to successfully operate the food program in their center (i.e. does the facility have a kitchen for cooking, a refrigerator/freezer for cold and frozen foods, if not – will they use a food service vendor, etc.)

During the pre-approval visit, we also provide complete training to any staff members at the center who will be assisting with food program duties. We provide a complete starter kit, including training booklets, measuring cups, serving spoons, necessary forms and other useful items.

Ongoing Training For The CACFP Texas Program

Texas Food Program Sponsor

Our knowledgeable team have many years of experience working centers who participate in the food program. We are always available by phone and email to answer questions and provide assistance. We also regularly schedule one-on-one webinars and extensive phone trainings when our clients need additional training, or if our clients have new staff members who require training. We contact our clients as each of their monthly claims is filed as well, to help our clients have the information they need to receive the highest reimbursements possible for their facility.

Contact one of our staff members today if you have any questions or need any help.


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